A Personal Melody of Triumph: My Entrepreneurial Journey as Helen Lin

Helen Lin, Director Helen Lin Piano PTE LTD

Starting a business is frequently an indication of enthusiasm, tenacity, and inventiveness. I’m Helen Lin, the founder of Helen Lin Piano Pte Ltd., and I’m here to tell you about my entrepreneurial journey. It is a symphony of intercultural encounters, creative inspiration, and steadfast commitment to the music and business industries. Background and Inspiration Born … Read more

Luxury as an Asset Class

Patrick Gruhn, CEO at Veltracon Lifestyle AG

Luxury has long held a compelling allure and has recently emerged as an appealingalternative investment. While the concept of investing in the luxury sector is not novel, thelast decade has witnessed the emergence of investment funds and firms with a focus onluxury, many of which have outperformed traditional portfolio components such as stocksand bonds. However, … Read more

Why Making Progress With Your Health Isn’t Just About Your Body (And Mind)

Ryan Hodgson, CEO ryanhodgsonfitness

Having worked with many C-Level clients during my time in the industry, it’s safe to say that their progress to success with health has often come at a cost. Their energy levels, body shape, moods, work-life balance, and overall health often reflect the cost. Which is sad because I’m a huge believer that when one … Read more

Staying Chic in the Digital Age: How Fashion Designers Embrace and Adapt to Technological Advances

Marlon Tuazon, Fashion Designer

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate, work, learn, and entertain ourselves. But how has it affected the world of fashion design, where creativity, craftsmanship, and personal expression are paramount? In this article, we will explore how fashion designers are using technology to enhance their creative process, connect with … Read more

Synergy of Style: Exploring the Fusion of Fashion and Modern Technology in Design

Frederick Policarpio, Fashion Designer

Fashion designers now have more tools at their disposal than ever before, allowing them to streamline their workflow, expand their creative horizons, and forge deeper connections with their target audiences than ever before.  Fashion designers now face a whole new set of obstacles and developments that have arisen as a direct result of technological advancements. … Read more