Why Making Progress With Your Health Isn’t Just About Your Body (And Mind)

Having worked with many C-Level clients during my time in the industry, it’s safe to say that their progress to success with health has often come at a cost. Their energy levels, body shape, moods, work-life balance, and overall health often reflect the cost.

Which is sad because I’m a huge believer that when one has worked hard to climb the career ladder, they should be able to do it without sacrificing their overall health and negatively impacting those around them. Besides, when you’ve worked hard. You should be able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labour. 

That’s why it’s important to look at the bigger picture when approaching your health goals and realize that actually, working on your health will be about far more than just your body shape or even your mental health.

Prioritizing Your Health

You see when we focus on our health as a whole, we actually find a number of benefits that don’t just stop at you. 

Improved energy: which often means more energy to run around with the kids or enjoy date nights, etc. 

Better mood regulation: which, of course, benefits not only loved ones but also others in the workplace too. 

Improved productivity and better focus: This can often mean we either A, get more done, or B, we get our work done in less time. 

A stronger immune system will reduce illness, thus meaning fewer sick days. 

Plus, many more factors such as improved sleep levels, improved posture, improved hormone regulation, better cardiovascular health, the list goes on. 

Good Health = Positive Workplace Culture

However, it doesn’t just stop there with you, when you’re high up in your professional career, it’s extremely likely you’re a role model to others who want to climb that career ladder too. So when you start to prioritize your health, those around you will pick up on this.

So this ‘ripple effect’ of influence will roll down to your workforce, which will, in turn, improve their health and productivity and will improve the workplace culture.

This improved workplace culture will then benefit the company as a whole because we all know a happy workforce works to a higher level and stays longer too, so eventually leads to increased profitability. 

When we look at it like this, it’s difficult not to accept the benefits of focusing on your health and performance, right? 

In Summary

Now, with that being said, as the saying goes, it’s tough at the top, and with positions comes responsibility, so it’s not about just cutting back at work to focus on your health but more about making simple adaptations or decisions you know your future self will thank you for.

Simple ones like-

  • Taking productivity breaks to boost your activity, focus, and get your heart pumping.
  • Drinking more water 
  • Getting enough sleep 
  • Focusing on nutrient-quality food

They’re simple and won’t take up much extra time, but they’re a starting point to making progress with your health.