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Navigating Entrepreneurial Success with Portfolio Career

Ben Legg, CEO and Founder of The Portfolio Collective

Background: A Journey of Diverse Chapters I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, each chapter marked by unique challenges and accelerated learning. From my early days as a military engineer to donning executive roles at Coca-Cola, COO of Google Europe, and various global technology CEO positions, I’ve lived and worked in nine countries. My thirst … Read more

Navigating a Global Career: Strategies for International Success

deepak lalwani

Originating in Karachi, Pakistan, I kickstarted my global career with a challenging internship in the vibrant city’s competitive market. Undeterred by skepticism about landing an internship in my first semester, I persevered, setting the stage for my professional odyssey. In 2015, I embarked on my journey as a social media executive, gradually climbing the ranks … Read more

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Liveaman: a collaborative approach to innovation 

liveaman's team

Why can’t corporate benefits be purchased as easily as ordering an Uber or Grab? That question led to the establishment of (Aman) in 2021. Aman is a platform where companies of all sizes can search, purchase, and administer their benefits seamlessly. By applying the Liveaman approach to innovation, Aman aims to revolutionize the benefits … Read more

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Innovations Hub Foundation: Revolutionizing Incubation in CEE

three innovators from innovation hub

Innovations Hub Foundation, nestled in the heart of Poland, is redefining the startup landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded by childhood friends: Kacper Raciborski, with diverse expertise and education in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and technology transfer. Jakub Borowy is armed with a double MSc in E-Business and International Management from CEMS MiM … Read more

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Jumbo Mana: We Bring Characters To Life 

Jumbo Mana's human with artificial intellegence

BY : Christophe Renaudineau Jumbo Mana is an AI-powered startup from Strasbourg. We focus on generative human behavior, using cutting-edge technology to revive virtual characters. We make them intelligent and autonomous, allowing you to interact with famous artists in an authentic and educational way. Our ultimate goal is to create virtual characters with the same … Read more