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Jumbo Mana: We Bring Characters To Life 

BY : Christophe Renaudineau

Jumbo Mana's human with artificial intellegence

Jumbo Mana is an AI-powered startup from Strasbourg. We focus on generative human behavior, using cutting-edge technology to revive virtual characters. We make them intelligent and autonomous, allowing you to interact with famous artists in an authentic and educational way.

Our ultimate goal is to create virtual characters with the same skills and abilities as humans. We have received support from the SEMIA incubator, OVH Cloud, and Nvidia Inception startup programs. Making us one of the most promising AI startups in the region.

The Power of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence, which can generate new content, including but not limited to text, video, audio, code, and even photorealistic graphics, is called generative AI. It takes advantage of deep learning methods to analyze enormous datasets and produce new data with a distribution that is strikingly similar to the original. Content generation, data enrichment, image synthesis, style transfer, text summarization, speech synthesis, and more are some of the many uses for generative AI.

Jumbo Mana’s Technology and Approach

Jumbo Mana creates living multilingual characters (photo realistic or stylized) that exhibit emotions, possess unique personalities, and deliver accurate information. These characters enable natural, real-time interactions, and your data remains secure with our locally hosted generative AI model.

For example, our created AI version of Van Gogh can talk about his wonderful paintings and answer your questions about his art. The advanced cognitive processing and emphasis on autonomy allow virtual characters to behave just like humans.

Their research focuses on the ability to control generative AI to obtain an AI that guarantees the truth and accuracy of the words it generates. For this, it has developed its technology surpassing the state of the art. It also ensures the fidelity and veracity of its AI with respect to the character it embodies by collaborating with experts, historians, and relatives of the characters.

The Mission and Vision

Jumbo Mana’s mission is to bring characters to life for entertainment, education, and cultural preservation. It aims to create immersive experiences that allow people to interact with their favorite characters naturally and engagingly. Jumbo Mana also wants to preserve the legacy and memory of historical figures and celebrities. They do this by making them accessible to future generations.