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Liveaman: a collaborative approach to innovation 

Why can’t corporate benefits be purchased as easily as ordering an Uber or Grab? That question led to the establishment of (Aman) in 2021. Aman is a platform where companies of all sizes can search, purchase, and administer their benefits seamlessly. By applying the Liveaman approach to innovation, Aman aims to revolutionize the benefits industry and empower employees with more choices and flexibility. Through multiple iterations, the current founding team found its niche in small and medium enterprises in Southeast Asia. As of 2023, Aman serves multiple household names, including Xendit (a fintech unicorn), Flash Coffee (consumer tech), and Charged Tech (a leading electric vehicle manufacturer), among others.

Aman’s Mission to Simplify Corporate Benefits

In the early stages, there were challenges due to a lack of comprehension in this region regarding the precise definition of corporate benefits. While companies like Zenefits, Alan, Waterdrop, and Plum thrived in the US, Europe, China, and India, there were no similar success stories locally. Consequently, many compared Aman to CXA in Singapore despite significant differences between the two.

A seasoned professional in the insurance industry established CXA, while a cadre of digitally savvy individuals with expertise in medicine initiated Aman. CXA recruited consultants from Marsh Mercer and Towers Watson, while Aman drew inspiration from Rippling, tailoring a technology-driven solution for businesses. Our technological foundation allowed us to develop and introduce our product much more rapidly and at a fraction of the expense. This is how we embody the Liveaman approach to innovation: by creating a unique and scalable platform that meets the needs of our customers and partners.

Partnership Strategy for Customer Acquisition and Expertise Procurement

Despite the profound differences, Aman shares a passion for partnership as an effective channel for customer acquisition. One of our favorite channels is venture capital firms whose portfolio companies fit nicely with Aman’s product offerings: small team size, competitive premium, and flexible payment terms. Successful collaborations include AC Ventures, 1982 Ventures, Tri Hill Capital, and many more. 

The partnership focus does not stop at customer acquisition but extends to expertise procurement. Aman’s current founding team understands the necessity of industry knowledge about corporate benefits to advise companies.  Instead of hiring internally, we however chose to partner with other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, capitalizing on their expertise to co-serve clients. This approach sets us apart from other insurtechs whose narratives always seek to disrupt and replace the incumbents. Before we influence others to change, we must ensure that the existing ecosystem fits into and adopts any tech solutions. Aman understands this. Since its establishment, twenty-one partners, including Marsh and Mercer, signed on to work with Aman. We believe that this strategy will help us to replicate our model in other neighboring markets. 

Future Plans for Growth and Expansion 

Aman is not built in one day, just like Rome. We are humbled to have been selected and supported by our existing clients in Indonesia. Our 2024 focus remains on growing Indonesia while our founders concurrently source relevant partners for regional expansion. We welcome any interested partners to contact us via or drop us an email at