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Innovations Hub Foundation: Revolutionizing Incubation in CEE

Innovations Hub Foundation, nestled in the heart of Poland, is redefining the startup landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded by childhood friends: Kacper Raciborski, with diverse expertise and education in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and technology transfer. Jakub Borowy is armed with a double MSc in E-Business and International Management from CEMS MiM program. Boasting a track record of leading strategic consulting companies and founding one of the world’s most successful Model United Nations conferences. They were further aided in development by legal architect Jakub Dąbroś. His helps build a comprehensive environment for incubation.

Elevating Polish Incubation: A Mission Unveiled

Their brainchild, Innovations Hub Foundation, is on a mission to elevate the Polish incubation scene to a new level. Fostering multiple pre-seed startups in the fields of MedTech and GreenTech, some of which have gone on to win international awards and distinctions and secure backing from top-tier venture capitalists. To achieve its goals, the organization combines international best practices, a regional perspective, and a diverse pool of talent spanning technology, business, medical, and legal backgrounds. 

Building an Ecosystem: Bridging Diverse Talents

Despite facing initial skepticism due to their youth, InHub’s commitment to excellence and inclusive team culture. Solidified their position as pioneers in interdisciplinary collaboration. They successfully support young innovators and entrepreneurs, striving to build a robust ecosystem of innovators, startups, public institutions, universities and corporations. This is facilitated through long-term strategic partnerships with leading players in innovation and groundbreaking proprietary methodologies for building companies.

Global Endeavors: Taking Polish Innovation Worldwide

For innovative ideas to truly grow, they need international exposure. The Foundation’s international forays, such as representing the Polish startup ecosystem at EXPO 2020 in Dubai or its partnership with GITEX’s Expand North Star. To showcase their efforts to cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship globally. They were present in Budapest, where they met with the Hungarian President to represent the Polish innovation scene, or even to Mumbai. They collaborated with the Athena School of Management to impart invaluable insights to MBA students. 

From Student Project to Global Player: The InHub Journey

From its humble beginnings as a student project, to securing strategic global partnerships. InHub’s journey highlights the importance of adaptability and meticulous execution in the realm of innovation. The Foundation’s role transcends the typical incubator model. It is a melting pot for transforming groundbreaking ideas into flourishing enterprises within fields like MedTech and GreenTech. It fosters an innovative community where public institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, universities, and research centers collaborate, bolstered by the dynamism of Generation Z.

Shaping the Future of Innovation: Join the Movement

InHub’s story invites you to witness the evolution of the Polish startup ecosystem. If you want to witness this transformation and explore the potential that the Polish startup ecosystem harbors. Visit and be part of the movement shaping the future of innovation.