An Engineer’s Inspiring Journey to Country Manager

Randula Wijesinghe

Randula Wijesinghe is currently honored to serve as the Global Partner Manager and Country Manager at hSenid Mobile, where his role involves overseeing diversified teams across Engineering, Operations, and Business units. As a Country Manager, he has the privilege of serving esteemed clients in the telecommunications, banking, and enterprise sectors across the Philippines, Singapore, Sri … Read more

Dynamic couple Richard and Tatiana Zalan showcase Vernissage, a digital art exhibition 

Dynamic couple Richard and Tatiana Zalan showcase Vernissage, a digital art exhibition

Vernissage is a first-of-its-kind immersive art exhibition. Featuring emerging digital artists where technology and humanity take a special centre stage.  Vernissage: A Unique Art Exhibition Dubai’s art scene has seen a major facelift in recent years. While it became a booming hub of art connoisseurs looking to collect those unique pieces of art, simultaneously there … Read more

Caesar Samareta’s Story of Becoming a Successful Online Freelancer and Entrepreneur

Caesar Bryan Samareta

My name is Caesar Samareta, and I am the founder and CEO of Dynamic Pitch, a company that provides online freelancing training, employment, coaching, and consultancy services. In this blog post, I want to share with you my entrepreneurial success story and how I became an online freelancer and entrepreneur. My Background and Upbringing I … Read more

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Innovations Hub Foundation: Revolutionizing Incubation in CEE

three innovators from innovation hub

Innovations Hub Foundation, nestled in the heart of Poland, is redefining the startup landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. Founded by childhood friends: Kacper Raciborski, with diverse expertise and education in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and technology transfer. Jakub Borowy is armed with a double MSc in E-Business and International Management from CEMS MiM … Read more