Net Zero Fish Farming 

What is Big Akwa 

Big Akwa has developed an innovative co-located fish farming method. This method bridges the gap between the process and industrial sectors, bringing about a sea change in land-based aquaculture.

This cutting-edge food tech solution turns waste streams into competitive and safe products. Industrial symbiosis is the key to our solution’s efficient circular approach to fish production.

The fish farm utilizes low-temperature process industry waste heat to heat water. This process accelerates fish growth and reduces energy consumption. Additionally, the industry finds a use for the fish farm’s wastewater. 

Reduced capital investments and production costs of up to 20% are possible through the use of modern technology, resource sharing, and infrastructure, all of which present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lessen the fish farm’s environmental effect. This environmentally friendly method allows for the farming of fish in a closed loop, eliminating the need to release nutrients into the environment.

Our technology is scalable and can be paired with any pulp/paper mill or hydrogen/e-fuel plant, helping the local economy. Our technology provides a fresher, sustainable product by enabling co-located fish farming. We have a team of passionate and energetic people working to create a co-located fish farming system and industry that synergistically and sustainably work together.

Why is Big Akwa’s Solution Important?

The world is likely to eat twice as much fish and aquatic food by 2050. Demand for seafood from a growing world population will be accomplished mainly through aquaculture expansion. Yet, more than half of the countries are not nutritionally self-sufficient. This means that they have to import fish from other regions, which increases the cost, carbon footprint, and risk of contamination.

Big Akwa’s solution introduces an efficient circular approach to fish production based on industrial symbiosis. By using waste streams to produce competitive and safe products, we can reduce the dependence on imports and increase the local supply of fresh and nutritious fish. Our solution also reduces the environmental impact of both aquaculture and the process industry by minimizing the use of energy, water, and chemicals and by preventing the release of nutrients and pollutants into nature.

Big Akwa’s Future Plans

Big Akwa has secured important partnership agreements and grants during 2021. We have also verified our technology through pilot tests and simulations.

Also, we are currently evaluating the best industrial partner and location for the first farm, which is planned to be constructed in northern Sweden.

The farm will share resources and infrastructure (energy, oxygen, logistics, water) with a green hydrogen plant operated by RES Nordics, a leading renewable energy company.

By the end of 2024, we will pair the 3,000-ton annual capacity rainbow trout RAS (recirculating aquaculture system) farm to the hydrogen plant upon completion of environmental permits, increasing national aquaculture production by 20%.

Big Akwa aims to become a global leader in circular and competitive seafood production. And driven by technology and talent, recognized internationally for its strong IP and technology package.

We Need Your Support

If you are an investor, a potential partner, a media representative, or a supporter of our mission, we would love to hear from you. You can reach out to us and explore opportunities to collaborate and contribute. At Big Akwa, we are always looking for ways to expand our network and increase our impact. Therefore, we welcome any kind of support and engagement.